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About the business

Resilient Result AB focuses on resilience, crisis management, and crisis readiness in businesses, societies, and organizations. The issues we work with start at the strategic level and have a holistic approach that requires in-depth horizontal work. 

We are a small and agile business with access to a wide network of experts and practitioners. Since 2005 we have been helping clients from large and small businesses and organizations. Our clients can be found in various industries in both the private and public sectors. The previous name of our business was Lunde Risk Reduction AB.

Nothing of what we do is secret, nor are our clients. However, we do care about the integrity of our clients and therefore they are not named on our website. But, we can give you references - so please, do give us a call.

About Åse 

Ms. Åse Lunde, CEO and founder of Resilient Result AB, is a thought leader and expert on resilience, crisis management, and crisis readiness. She is also a strategy- and management advisor, and executive coach. She comes with more than 25 years of broad-based experience and works with leaders and senior managers who want to invest in their own as well as their organization´s capability to better deal with uncertainties, crises, and major disruptions. Read more.


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