Not a checklist or a plan
but a concious effort to develop and strengthen a combination of both hard and soft capabilities that together build resilience

What we do

Our focus is simple - We help our clients strengthen their capabilities to better deal with uncertainties, crises, and major disruptions - while the business or organization is still able to continue their critical operations and services. And, to seize the opportunities that may arise during crises or major disruptions. 


Subjects we focus on


We work through

  • Consulting Services

Advising | Coaching | Embedded Coaching | Education & Development | Analysis | Process Facilitation

  • Workshops & Seminars
  • Keynote & Professional Speaking


As an international speaker Åse delivered the Keynote Address at the 24th Women & Leadership Conference in Sydney Australia. Her highly engaging and expert presentation led the 240 participants to rank Åse the No 1 speaker of the Conference.

Jenny Morawska, CEO and Coference Director


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